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X-Ray Machine

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Portable X-ray Machine GE AMX 4 Plus

Portable X-ray Machine GE AMX 4 Plus is a hospital equipment "electromagnetic radiation" with digital capability providing amazing functionality and flexibility system. The GE AMX 4 Plus has designed with packs high performance features into a package that's compact, maneuverable and reliable. GE's AMX series portables have long been the gold standard in mobile X-ray, There are 4 Portable X-ray Machine GE AMX ; AMX-2, AMX-3, AMX-4, & AMX-4 Plus.

With a refurbished AMX system from Central Imaging, there's no need to choose between patient comfort and quality of exam results. The AMX-4 plus is designed for nonstop performance in even the most taxing "bump and run" environments.

The GE AMX 4 Plus is a portable X-ray machine that released by GE company to help the healthcare team to get good imaging reasult with many specification features such as :

  • Maintenance-free, rechargeable lead/acid battery produces up to 50 exposures on a single charge.
  • A tube arm latch relieves column stress during transport, even over elevator thresholds and hall expansion joints.
  • Diagnostic software automatically initiates self-check at startup and streamlines troubleshooting should a problem arise.
  • Hand switch cord has a modular plug to make replacement a breeze.

  • The user who use this X-ray machine they can make it easy and intuitive positioning through 270-degree column rotation. The GE AMX 4 Plus portable will give you high performance features, maneuverable and reliable ;

  • Exams without being plugged into electrical outlet.
  • Variable speed motor provide maneuverability.
  • A lightweight hand switch for comfortable alignment verification and exposure control.
  • The important thing is The Portable X-ray Machine GE AMX 4 Plus can make High image quality.

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    Monday, May 12, 2008

    X-Ray Machine DH-E201 for Dental

    X-Ray machine DH-E201 is special equipment for the dental department. It's small X-ray machine with high-tech X-ray imaging, total weight only 50 Kg. The DH-E201 is X-ray machine that specially designed for intraoral dental diagnosis applications, The doctor can get clear image to diagnose and plan the next intervention for the patients.

    X-Ray machine DH-E201 released by medical supplier company "Shanghai Dynamic Industry Co.,Ltd." This machine using supply voltage: 200V 50Hz, X-ray tube: 70kv 8ma (with preheating grid), Exposure time: 0.2 to 2 sec, Classification: Electro medical (Class I, type B), and Total fiteration: 2.5 mmAL. Really, The DH-E201 is simple X-ray machine and easy for the dentis staff to use it.

    Other specifications are :

  • The microprocessor-controlled timer brings high-tech X-ray imaging at your fingertips

  • The control panel allows an accurate and fast exposure time selection while protecting the head during x-ray examinations

  • The soft positioner arm ensures naturally smooth and well-balanced movements. It is easy installed at the desired height and length

  • X-Ray machine DH-E201 is ergonomics and design have been studied to meet the requirements of the most semanding practices in matters of floor space optimization.

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    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    New X-Ray Machine

    We will try to post many articles about X-ray machine for the Hospital or Clinic, Especially for the new X-ray machine.

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