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X-Ray Machine

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

New mobile X-ray machine (Pokemon)

Shimadzu Corporation which located in Japanese has unveiled a new mobile X-ray machine that designed to help reduce the anxiety level of hospitalized children by showing them Pokemon. The Pokemon mobile X-ray machine was released on 17th April 2009. The product has a faster shooting speed output, reduce and re-shooting and blurred due to the subject, can be more efficient and reduce the doses tested.

On a more practical note, the mobile nature of the device allows X-rays to be taken of kids who can't be moved to a dedicated X-ray room. They said that a number of studies claim diagnostics and all medical procedures go more smoothly when patients are relaxed, these is the reason why they made the mobile X-ray machine friendly with the children.

Features of Pokemon mobile X-ray machine :

Suitable for a compact camera with a child FPD. The size of the FPD 344 (W) × 380 (H) × 22.5 (D) mm. Large-field type FPD is 491 (W) × 477 (H) × 23 (D) mm), weight 2.7kg (large FPD field type 4.8kg). The user can use this mobile X-ray machine for the newborn in the incubator, examination for a child will be easy to handle and allows for smooth positioning.

The image will appear 3 second after shooting. Monitor console of Pokemon mobile X-ray machine just three seconds will display the image in 15-inch LCD monitor. Immediately get the information required to respond, So the subsequent treatment can be rapid.

Provide a clear image with little blurred. The maximum output of 32kW X-ray taken in fast order, It will give little blurred and sharp images even when shooting newborns and infants.

With excellent road, and move the power assist control. Using this mobile X-ray machine the user more comfort, simply start moving smoothly by pressing lightly on the handle. Because the light can change direction, They can move the device to fast.

Smooth operations, quality experience. The Pokemon mobile X-ray machine is an effective X-ray machine, Up to 1200mm X-ray tube covered with a wide range of super-long arms, high up in the incubator and X-rays can also effortlessly. Arm is moving freely, So the user can suddenly positioning and switch to a smooth positioning, features, and easier with a delicate position.

To reduce fear and anxiety about the test, a test backup to a smooth Pokemon. to use the full system of Pokemon mobile X-ray machine, with less fear and anxiety of the children have the test, The user can expect a smooth shooting and positioning.


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