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X-Ray Machine

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Portable X-ray Machine : Tactical X Ray

Global Supplier of Military and Police Products "Security Pro USA" released an X-Ray machine called Tactical X Ray. The brand-new x-ray system is fully portable and compact, designed to rapidly perform X-ray based inspections in the field.

Portable X-ray Machine Tactical X Ray provided with wireless system, easy to use and completely computerized inspection function for the investigation of objects like parcels, boxes, luggage etc.

The Tactical X Ray Machine is used for both Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Non-Destructive Inspection applications. The system consists of a remote control unit (notebook computer), a camera box, the x-ray source and accessories. By Specific customized software and computer systems, the Portable X-ray Machine Tactical able to start within a few seconds.

The Portable X-ray Machine Tactical X Ray would likely be a pulsed power generator, most likely in cartridge form for easy handling and disposal by the weapon mechanism.

To operate The Tactical X Ray machine is no requirement of computer's knowledge, easy operating systems or software has provided in the laptop or notebook.

Technical Specifications of Tactical X Ray machine :
  • X-Ray machine with Source XR200
  • X-Ray Dose per Pulse ~3.1 mill roentgens @ 30mm form the front of the Unit
  • Number of Pulses per Exposure 1 ~ 99 adjustable by user
  • Number of Pulses per Battery Charge 4000
  • Number of Pulses per second 25
  • Portable X-ray Machine Tactical X Ray has Maximum Photon Energy 150 KVP
  • X-Ray machine with Pulse Width 60 nanoseconds (60 x 10-9 s-1)
  • X-Ray Generator on Portable Tactical X Ray machine is Golden Inspector model xrs 3 • Portable Colour Printer.


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