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X-Ray Machine

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Portable X-ray Machine : Tactical X Ray

Global Supplier of Military and Police Products "Security Pro USA" released an X-Ray machine called Tactical X Ray. The brand-new x-ray system is fully portable and compact, designed to rapidly perform X-ray based inspections in the field.

Portable X-ray Machine Tactical X Ray provided with wireless system, easy to use and completely computerized inspection function for the investigation of objects like parcels, boxes, luggage etc.

The Tactical X Ray Machine is used for both Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Non-Destructive Inspection applications. The system consists of a remote control unit (notebook computer), a camera box, the x-ray source and accessories. By Specific customized software and computer systems, the Portable X-ray Machine Tactical able to start within a few seconds.

The Portable X-ray Machine Tactical X Ray would likely be a pulsed power generator, most likely in cartridge form for easy handling and disposal by the weapon mechanism.

To operate The Tactical X Ray machine is no requirement of computer's knowledge, easy operating systems or software has provided in the laptop or notebook.

Technical Specifications of Tactical X Ray machine :
  • X-Ray machine with Source XR200
  • X-Ray Dose per Pulse ~3.1 mill roentgens @ 30mm form the front of the Unit
  • Number of Pulses per Exposure 1 ~ 99 adjustable by user
  • Number of Pulses per Battery Charge 4000
  • Number of Pulses per second 25
  • Portable X-ray Machine Tactical X Ray has Maximum Photon Energy 150 KVP
  • X-Ray machine with Pulse Width 60 nanoseconds (60 x 10-9 s-1)
  • X-Ray Generator on Portable Tactical X Ray machine is Golden Inspector model xrs 3 • Portable Colour Printer.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

New mobile X-ray machine (Pokemon)

Shimadzu Corporation which located in Japanese has unveiled a new mobile X-ray machine that designed to help reduce the anxiety level of hospitalized children by showing them Pokemon. The Pokemon mobile X-ray machine was released on 17th April 2009. The product has a faster shooting speed output, reduce and re-shooting and blurred due to the subject, can be more efficient and reduce the doses tested.

On a more practical note, the mobile nature of the device allows X-rays to be taken of kids who can't be moved to a dedicated X-ray room. They said that a number of studies claim diagnostics and all medical procedures go more smoothly when patients are relaxed, these is the reason why they made the mobile X-ray machine friendly with the children.

Features of Pokemon mobile X-ray machine :

Suitable for a compact camera with a child FPD. The size of the FPD 344 (W) × 380 (H) × 22.5 (D) mm. Large-field type FPD is 491 (W) × 477 (H) × 23 (D) mm), weight 2.7kg (large FPD field type 4.8kg). The user can use this mobile X-ray machine for the newborn in the incubator, examination for a child will be easy to handle and allows for smooth positioning.

The image will appear 3 second after shooting. Monitor console of Pokemon mobile X-ray machine just three seconds will display the image in 15-inch LCD monitor. Immediately get the information required to respond, So the subsequent treatment can be rapid.

Provide a clear image with little blurred. The maximum output of 32kW X-ray taken in fast order, It will give little blurred and sharp images even when shooting newborns and infants.

With excellent road, and move the power assist control. Using this mobile X-ray machine the user more comfort, simply start moving smoothly by pressing lightly on the handle. Because the light can change direction, They can move the device to fast.

Smooth operations, quality experience. The Pokemon mobile X-ray machine is an effective X-ray machine, Up to 1200mm X-ray tube covered with a wide range of super-long arms, high up in the incubator and X-rays can also effortlessly. Arm is moving freely, So the user can suddenly positioning and switch to a smooth positioning, features, and easier with a delicate position.

To reduce fear and anxiety about the test, a test backup to a smooth Pokemon. to use the full system of Pokemon mobile X-ray machine, with less fear and anxiety of the children have the test, The user can expect a smooth shooting and positioning.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

X-Ray Machine High Frequency

Perlong Medical Equipment Co. Ltd, has many of medical equipment product. Perlong Group, headquartered in Beijing. The Perlong company was considered as the largest medical equipment manufacturer and supplier in China include Clinical Laboratory Equipment, Surgical Equipment, X-ray Machine, and Medical Consumables.

Especially for the X-Ray machine, they has released High Frequency mobile X-Ray Machine. There are two mobile X-ray machine which known as great performance, X-Ray machine PLX101D and X-Ray machine PLX112.

  • X-Ray machine PLX101D

  • These is high frequency mobile X-ray equipment (100mA) with power output : 5.0KW. The PLX101D futures by a system Wire/Wireless control to operation method. The X-Ray machine's tube using Fixed anode. When you purchase this X-Ray machine you will get an extra battery.

    See the specification of X-Ray machine PLX101D bellow :

  • X-Ray machine PLX112

  • The X-Ray machine PLX112 was known as high frequency Mobile Surgical X-ray equipment with a high-quality knockdown X-ray generator to reduce radiation, For the medical team it's become importance reason to choose this product.

    The X-Ray machine PLX112 using automatic fluoroscopy system, by setting the Tube to the Voltage:40kV~110kV. Special performance of this x-ray machine is future by High Frequency Fixed anode X-ray tube with 2 foci:Large focus: 1.5mm, small focus: 0.6mm, Inverter Frequency: 40KHz and Thermal capacity: 30KJ (40HU).

    The X-Ray machine provided by Clinical Video system with high performance (7 images storage volume), and two 14〞high-resolution monitors. This X-Ray machine appear on Image Intensifier made by TOSHIBA.

    It is X-Ray machine with a small and beautiful appearance, and easy to operate. For the better result, this product has an automatically track fluoroscopy to make the image brightness and clearness optimum.

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    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    New Portable X-ray Machine MinXray

    MinXray Inc. is one of a big medical supplier company in the world. Since 1967, MinXray has supplied the highest quality, most reliable portable x-ray units produced. The portable X-ray machine MinXray devices are used in multiple applications where it is more efficient to bring an x-ray unit to the patient instead of the patient to the x-ray unit. Consistent with today's high tech electronic environment, the MinXray Inc. launched their new HF120/60HPPWV Power Plus Portable X-Ray System.

    MinXray units are the gold standard for portables used, MinXray's high frequency x-ray units and their companion stands provide the most easily transportable, user-friendly systems available for general-purpose off-site medical diagnostic radiography.

    The most powerful portable x-ray unit pound-for-pound has available in the market, The MinXray Inc. in March 2008 has installed portable x-ray equipment along with a computed radiography system at the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Training Center in Zaria, Nigeria.

    The New Portable X-ray Machine MinXray HF120/60HPPWV PowerPlus are designed for use in nursing homes, private homes, correctional facilities, military field clinics, hospitals, or anywhere an x-ray machine must be brought to a patient.

    The unit produces up to 120 kVDC and over 200 mAs, and features five memory stations to store and easily recall frequently used exposure techniques. The total weight of the system, including the innovative XGS MK IV stand, is 96.5 lb. (43.8 kg). Detailed images of chest, abdomen, skull, spine and extremities are easily obtained with short exposure times on ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients.

    The specification of The new portable X-ray machine MinXray HF120/60HPPWV PowerPlus are bellow :
  • Unique HighBurst electronic design
  • High Frequency (80kHz) Output
  • Operation on input of 100-260 V, 50/60 Hz (auto sense & switch)
  • CPU control of x-ray tube
  • 5 memory stations for storing x-ray exposure techniques
  • Up to 120 kVDC and Over 200 mAs
  • Compatible with all digital imaging modalities
  • mAs and time readouts (switchable by toggle)
  • seamless integration with existing MinXray stands
  • Portable X-ray machine with low voltage warning light

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    Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Portable X-ray Machine GE AMX 4 Plus

    Portable X-ray Machine GE AMX 4 Plus is a hospital equipment "electromagnetic radiation" with digital capability providing amazing functionality and flexibility system. The GE AMX 4 Plus has designed with packs high performance features into a package that's compact, maneuverable and reliable. GE's AMX series portables have long been the gold standard in mobile X-ray, There are 4 Portable X-ray Machine GE AMX ; AMX-2, AMX-3, AMX-4, & AMX-4 Plus.

    With a refurbished AMX system from Central Imaging, there's no need to choose between patient comfort and quality of exam results. The AMX-4 plus is designed for nonstop performance in even the most taxing "bump and run" environments.

    The GE AMX 4 Plus is a portable X-ray machine that released by GE company to help the healthcare team to get good imaging reasult with many specification features such as :

  • Maintenance-free, rechargeable lead/acid battery produces up to 50 exposures on a single charge.
  • A tube arm latch relieves column stress during transport, even over elevator thresholds and hall expansion joints.
  • Diagnostic software automatically initiates self-check at startup and streamlines troubleshooting should a problem arise.
  • Hand switch cord has a modular plug to make replacement a breeze.

  • The user who use this X-ray machine they can make it easy and intuitive positioning through 270-degree column rotation. The GE AMX 4 Plus portable will give you high performance features, maneuverable and reliable ;

  • Exams without being plugged into electrical outlet.
  • Variable speed motor provide maneuverability.
  • A lightweight hand switch for comfortable alignment verification and exposure control.
  • The important thing is The Portable X-ray Machine GE AMX 4 Plus can make High image quality.

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    Monday, May 12, 2008

    X-Ray Machine DH-E201 for Dental

    X-Ray machine DH-E201 is special equipment for the dental department. It's small X-ray machine with high-tech X-ray imaging, total weight only 50 Kg. The DH-E201 is X-ray machine that specially designed for intraoral dental diagnosis applications, The doctor can get clear image to diagnose and plan the next intervention for the patients.

    X-Ray machine DH-E201 released by medical supplier company "Shanghai Dynamic Industry Co.,Ltd." This machine using supply voltage: 200V 50Hz, X-ray tube: 70kv 8ma (with preheating grid), Exposure time: 0.2 to 2 sec, Classification: Electro medical (Class I, type B), and Total fiteration: 2.5 mmAL. Really, The DH-E201 is simple X-ray machine and easy for the dentis staff to use it.

    Other specifications are :

  • The microprocessor-controlled timer brings high-tech X-ray imaging at your fingertips

  • The control panel allows an accurate and fast exposure time selection while protecting the head during x-ray examinations

  • The soft positioner arm ensures naturally smooth and well-balanced movements. It is easy installed at the desired height and length

  • X-Ray machine DH-E201 is ergonomics and design have been studied to meet the requirements of the most semanding practices in matters of floor space optimization.

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    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    New X-Ray Machine

    We will try to post many articles about X-ray machine for the Hospital or Clinic, Especially for the new X-ray machine.

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